Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Aberaeron & Aberystwyth

We left the lovely Pembrokeshire and headed up the west coast of Wales. The roads were very steep and hilly so to be honest we were glad to have the car rather than the campervan. There were some pretty little harbour villages up the coast, we particularly liked Aberaeron with its rainbow coloured Georgian houses.

The original plan was to head straight on to Snowdonia, but for the last couple of nights Nick has had a really bad back, where he kept waking up in agony so we thought we'd better do something about it. Plus the weather had turned horrendous so we decided to splash out on a B&B for the night in Aberystwyth, and booked Nick in for a session with a local chiropractor.

Oh the luxury of a warm bed and bath!

Thankfully the chiropractor was able to give Nick's back a good crack and he said it feels much better now. So it's on to Snowdonia, where unfortunately we are in for more bad weather!

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